The Black Bird camera cover is custom made all-weather protection for the RED Digital Cinema DSMC cameras. Because of a mounting frustration with off the peg solutions that simply didn’t function, we decided to make our own. We know that the one size fits all approach doesn’t work and we do not claim that our cover will exactly fit your needs but it should come close, and it is most definitely waterproof. Inspired by the fitted sound blimps of yesteryear and constructed from (almost) ballistic strength cordura, neoprene and clear PE the cover is kept deliberately simple. Waterproof zips allow 2-way access to both sides of the camera, one clear PE panel stretches from monitor to batteries and both sides have a velcro secured clear panel for access to the side SSD and the control panel on the side right. A long velcro strip goes alongside the bottom seam to secure the wind straps (included) should you need them The right side features a neoprene nipple through which the EVF mount can protrude. Included are a short and long PE snoots for lenses, these attach securely using velcro. If you are using even longer lenses like the CN20 we can supply an extra long rain snoot. Projected colours right now are black, or for an additional cost a very natty DPM material.

We are in the last stages of prototyping, testing and improving our cover... we want one more extreme Norwegian winter to be certain that it can't be improved upon and then the cover will come to market Spring 2021.